Singles Ladder


Status Player Text
TOP Mark Standley 907-230-8528
UP Holly Hayes 512-963-1562
UP David Vieser 512-426-8604
UP Brian Beasley 512-903-9503
UP Jodi Schreiner 512-814-5634

Dripping Springs Tennis Association Singles Ladder Rules

The singles ladder is open to all members of the Dripping Springs Tennis Association.

Players on the ladder will be listed in single file from top to bottom.

New players can join the ladder at any time. Upon joining the ladder, the new player may challenge any player within the bottom 80% of the ladder for his/her first match. If the new player loses the first match he/she will then be placed at the bottom of the ladder.

To move up the ladder, a player must have won his/her last match.

When a player defeats the player above, he/she will be placed above the defeated player and will have the right to play up again.

When a player loses a match, he/she must play down (against the next person listed below) and win before he/she can play up again, except when the losing player is the lowest active person on the ladder. The lowest active person may always challenge up.

All matches will be 2 out of 3 sets, using regular scoring.  If the players agree before the match begins, a third set tie-breaker may be played.

Each player’s status will be noted in the ladder as follows:

UP means the player is playing up.
DOWN means the player must play down.
OUT means the player is temporarily out of competition and may be jumped.

Players should be ready to play about once a week depending on the availability of opponents.

Any player who will be out for a week or more should notify the ladder coordinator so his/her position can be placed on hold, allowing other players to play around him/her.  The player’s status will be set to OUT until he/she is available to play.  A player whose position on the ladder is on hold will be moved down the ladder only when the player below him/her challenges and defeats the player above the on-hold position.

When challenged, a player must accept the challenge and work out an amenable time and place to play within the following week, or put him/herself on hold by contacting the ladder coordinator via email at

The winner of each match shall notify the ladder coordinator of the match results within 48 hours at

When a player, after having lost his/her last match, challenges and plays a player above him/her on the ladder, the results of that match will not affect either player’s ranking on the ladder.  The player who lost his/her last match must play down before challenging up again.

The challenging (lower-ranked) player is responsible for furnishing a new, unopened can of tennis balls for the match.